Three Benefits of Your Team Returning to the Office

June 14, 2022

I’ve spoken before about the return to normal life, as Covid becomes a hopefully less disruptive part of our world. A great benefit to the return to the office that we’ve seen since the beginning of 2022 is the positive effect this return can have on employees’ mental health, improved collaborative work, and enhanced opportunities for organic mentoring relationships. 

Our nation is facing a true mental health crisis from the pandemic and isolation-related stress we’ve all dealt with to some degree or another. For employees who were used to showing up in an office and enjoyed that aspect of their day, being forced to stay home alone certainly took a toll. For many, isolation led to greater levels of loneliness, anxiety, and even difficulty focusing on simple tasks. While the extent of isolation varied widely due to living circumstances, and WFH was definitely a welcome break from long commutes for others, most people are ready to get back to being around other people. Many are looking to return to a few days a week, and some are excited to be back full-time. Being around others during the workday can be uplifting, energizing, and a big boost to mental health.

Secondly, collaboration is clearly improved when employees are together in person. Being able to sit face-to-face, even a few times a week, and bounce ideas off each other is always more advantageous than connecting virtually. Collaboration occurs naturally on a micro level when employees are together. There are simply more opportunities for bonding moments and cooperative endeavors. It could be as simple as one person overhearing a tidbit from a passing conversation or a phone call that they wouldn’t have overheard from home, and they can offer a suggestion or two, or simply have more context and awareness surrounding a particular issue.

The third benefit of coming back to the office is mentorship which can be nurtured organically (without needing to schedule a zoom call) when employees of various levels of seniority are together in the office space. These intergenerational relationships are certainly mutually beneficial, but there is a tremendous benefit for young people to be surrounded by seasoned mentors to guide them in the early stages of their careers. It can lead to greater job satisfaction for the employees, and better results for companies. 



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