FGX’s Pre-Construction Planning Procedures

October 13, 2021

One element of FGX’s planning procedures which makes us unique with our project management model is our belief that Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) planning activities are required early in the design process, well before construction begins. We believe this is crucial in the planning process as coordinating these vendors in conjunction with the design greatly reduces the risk of encountering cost and scheduling issues once the general contractor is onsite. One of the many reasons we take pride in the successful and timely completion of each project is by assembling furniture dealers, security professionals, phone and internet vendors, audio visual, owner-related equipment, and all other FF&E firms early in the overall project timeline. In addition to proper planning and coordination, this also eliminates undue stress for all project team members.   

As some clients may think, these pieces do not just fall into place perfectly at the end, they require thoughtful attention to design and detail to ensure that they will work cohesively in the space. Meeting with these vendors early on means workstations and office furniture works well with the floor plans, conference rooms are outfitted appropriately, wall monitors are sized correctly, and cabling from audio-visual set-ups are hidden from sight, among many other things. It really does take collaboration from the beginning with our clients, the architects, general contractors, and FF&E vendors to avoid last-minute scrambling that can lead to costly changes and unsatisfied clients.

Facilitating these conversations early on creates happier clients because there aren’t last-minute pivots and adjustments that can often result in the client compromising on things they really want. Incorporating FF&E planning into design and pre-construction gives vendors a chance to advise their clients on specifics and allows everyone time to make proper decisions. Proper planning also gives vendors and contractors more time to procure materials and equipment, and most importantly, it keeps things cost-effective and on time for our clients. 



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