Our Storage Facility Experience: 3 Focus Areas For Success

February 18, 2020

Storage facilities are a growing market, and many companies are expanding their footprint to meet the demand. This boom isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. Downsizing is increasingly common for baby boomers, who are trading their family homes for apartments in more desirable locations, and many young people are choosing minimal lifestyles over more traditional-sized homes.

We’ve worked with several storage companies, including CubeSmart and Extra Space Storage, and like most of our projects, our expertise enables the building owner to focus on their priorities, while we manage the details to help keep the project on time and on budget.

Given our experience, HomeStar Storage, a provider of self-storage for households and businesses, reached out for help. We were initially targeted based on our background with commercial real estate and experience in managing new construction, additions, and renovations. Located in Naples, FL, HomeStar plans to construct new facilities across the country, and we have partnered with them specifically to develop locations in Cincinnati, OH and Orlando, FL.

In our experience, there are three key points of focus for success:

  1. Budget: This is always one of the highest priorities – both setting an appropriate budget upfront and then tracking against it. Because HomeStar Storage brought us on early in the process, we were able to spend the first few months reviewing and correcting project contracts and finalizing SOWs, leveraging our extensive cost estimating experience.
  2. Timeline: Staying on track with a project schedule is crucial. Our team provides oversight to continually monitor and adjust the variables within a schedule as soon as possible to avoid any delays. We will also ensure all post-construction activities are managed quickly and efficiently. We have been consistently managing the timeline to help HomeStar reach their expected end date.
  3. Focus: We provide management services starting from site selection, into the conceptual phase, construction, and through move-in to allow our clients to focus on their business. A new project doesn’t slow down day-to-day business needs, especially for a company seeking a nationwide expansion, like HomeStar Storage. Our support and focus on the project details enables owners to confidently handle a variety of other priorities for their business.

The new HomeStar Storage locations are slated to be completed in early summer 2020. Keep an eye out for our updates as we continue to make progress. We are excited for the next few months!



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