The Right Time to Bring In An Owner’s Representative

October 24, 2019

Over the years, the role of an Owner’s Representative has grown in prominence in the commercial real estate industry.

An Owner’s Representative comes on board to manage all the details and intricacies of a project on the owner’s behalf. They are tasked with properly assessing the scope of the project, assembling all the required parties, monitoring the budget and timeline, and ensuring ongoing communication throughout the project’s life cycle.

Overall, two key services an Owner’s Representative aims to provide is:

  1. Looking out for the owner’s best interests and well-being
  2. Reducing costs and ensuring adherence to the schedule

But, while owners now recognize the value of the Owner’s Representative, they often delay in making the hire because they try to take on the responsibilities of the role themselves for as long as possible, pulling their focus away from their business, or because they don’t plan for the hire until it’s too late. One essential tip: bring an Owner’s Representative in on the project as early as possible.

The most critical phase of any project is before construction begins – the planning. When the Owner’s Representative is already on board, they can hire all the appropriate team members and consistently manage them during the pre-construction period, providing them with the information they need to execute their roles. Further, they can provide recommendations for the right vendors and are vastly knowledgeable of new materials and current technologies and will use their past experiences to benefit the owner. More importantly, assembling all of the required vendors during the planning and design stage eliminates coordination issues down the road, which ultimately always lead to cost overruns.

Additionally, they can identify any red flags an owner may not be aware of, potentially minimizing substantial risks, preventing problems, and eliminating surprises. Their experience and guidance will result in the project being more likely to be completed on time and within budget.

While an Owner’s Representative can join the team after a project has started, by bringing them on early, you will benefit from their expertise and ability to mitigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Having an Owner’s Representative join your team at the beginning will help keep your project on track, alleviate your workload, and reduce the likelihood of unforeseen construction costs. If you’re interested in learning more about our services and the how an Owner’s Representative can serve you, contact us to learn more.



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