Who We Are And What We Do

July 23, 2019

We’re often asked who we are and what we do. Sure, we’re project managers, Owner Representatives, and we provide budgeting and cost estimating services for all types of commercial real estate projects. But, there’s more to us than just that.

As a company, we’re firm believers in creating and fostering a team environment for any project we work on. From the start, we set out to ensure that our clients have the right project team in place to deliver high-quality work that maintains budgets and schedules. That means that we carefully select individual team members who will work well together to deliver success.

Not to disappoint any Eagles fans, but the best comparison to make is the Patriots and Bill Belichick. We all know he’s successfully coached the team to several Super Bowl wins. He does it not by bringing on individual superstar players; instead, he brings on the players that fit the team’s culture and who will work well together. We do the same thing. We have a strong track record of successful projects and it’s because we know how to craft a team who will truly work together to deliver success.



26 Treaty Dr, Wayne, PA 19087




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