The Importance of an Owner’s Representative

May 7, 2018

If you are a business owner seeking to begin the design and construction process for a project, are you familiar with an Owner’s Representative?

More often than not, a business owner’s first move after securing financing and some of the necessary approvals on their project is to hire design firms to continue the pre-construction process. After the documents are completed, the owner then often sends them out to the general contractors, receives proposals, and then awards a contract. Between the design and contracting firms, the owner is nearly complete with the hiring of the project team. Many owners assume that these firms will be more than capable of managing the entire project on their behalf.

Not so fast.

Let me introduce you to the Owner’s Representative, an individual or company hired to act as an extension of the owner’s staff, protect their interests, assemble all of the required consultants, design firms, contractors, and vendors, and coordinate and effectively communicate to the team’s members throughout the project’s lifecycle. All of this while paying close attention to budget and schedule.

As an owner, why do I need an Owner’s Representative?

Simply put, you likely have a lack experience in managing construction projects.

Whether building from the ground up or moving into an existing space, there is specific planning that is absolutely necessary for a successful project. And it doesn’t matter if you’re moving into a 3,000 square foot space or building a new 200,000 square foot facility, as an owner, you have to devote the time to your project and team.

The most critical and time-consuming phase of any project comes before actual construction. In order to minimize financial and schedule risks, you need to hire ALL of the project team members as early in the process as possible. Thereafter, the members need to be provided with the appropriate information in order to carry out their required tasks. The owner also needs to consistently manage the team during this pre-construction phase to ensure the correct information is identified on the construction documents, and more importantly, that it is thorough and complete.

Your potential lack of experience in the commercial real estate industry can be problematic when trying to find the best team for their project. Whether it’s a new outpatient & rehabilitation hospital or a dormitory for a university, you need to engage firms who complement your vision. An Owner’s Representative can assist with recommending design firms, contractors, and other team members who have the market experience you are looking for.

In addition to the selection of the right project team, the Owner’s Representative has expertise with new materials introduced to the marketplace and current technologies, and benefits from experience with past projects.

Do you have the sufficient amount of time to dedicate to a project, especially during this stage? Typically, no. Many owners believe that they can manage their project while running their full-time business, and they usually find it to be nearly impossible.

On the other hand, an Owner’s Representative can oversee and address all of these details, so that you can focus on your company.

At the FGX Group we’ve been our client’s on-the-job expert for over 20 years. We’ve delivered dozens of successful projects to our clients while maintaining a strict budget and schedule and exceeding all expectations. If you’re considering a construction project and want someone with the experience to ensure it gets done right, contact us today.



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